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Prosleđujemo vam informacije o školama, vebinarima, konferencijama, mogućnostima dobijanja stipendija koje vam mogu biti interesantne.

8th Biennial International Neuroscience Graduate Summer School

The 8th Biennial International Neuroscience Graduate Summer School (EGE BINGSS) by Ege University and the Neuroscience Society of Turkey. In light of current developments, bridging classical and modern techniques and their roles in the future of neurosciences will be covered in lectures, wet labs and special interest groups. A maximum of 60 applications will be accepted.

Meeting dates:  27 June – 1 July 2022 
Location: Izmir, Turkey

INCF Neuroinformatics Assembly 2022

  The INCF Assembly is a unique venue where the neuroscience community has the opportunity to interact with standards developers, infrastructure providers, and software developers to share the latest advancements in neuroinformatics. INCF Assembly 2022 will be hosted virtually on the Gathertown platform.

FENS Forum 2022: late-breaking abstract submission 
FENS and the Société des Neurosciences are delighted to announce the opening of a late-breaking abstract submission call on 4-18 May 2022 to enable very recent research findings to be included at the FENS Forum 2022 as onsite poster presentations. Start preparing your abstracts!

Brain Conference: “Genetics and mechanisms of complex disorders: highlighting migraine”
Regular registration deadline: 10 April 2022 

NENS Call for Education and Training Clusters 2022
Application deadline: 11 April 2022 
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FENS and IBRO-PERC stipends available
Applicationd deadline: 14, 15 & 30 April 2022 

NENS Exchange Grants
Application deadline: 15 April 2022 

FENS Friday webinar “Ask a neuroscientist!”
Registration deadline: 21 April 2022 

Live webinar on Neuronline: “Exercise in Brain Health and Disease”
Registration deadline: 28 April 2022


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